Seasonal Yoga Hub


Seasonal Yoga Hub is a Yoga related magazine membership site revolving around the lifetime work of Creative Directors Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd.  Julie and Sue have combined their Western knowledge of Yoga with their Eastern perspectives of T’ai Chi, Chi Kung and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Their fusion of ideas have spawned numerous books, online courses and studio based Teacher Training Programs based in 6 locations throughout UK and Europe.

The Seasonal Yoga system revolves around being mindful of what is happening Seasonally where you are located.  The Online website provides access to all levels of students and teachers interested in Yoga with a Seasonal slant.  Students often just ‘get it’ in terms of re-discovering long lost concepts and ideas regarding living in harmony with nature and teachers often marvel at the high 70% retention rates in their classes as classes slowly evolve to reflect what Nature is showing around them.