Clanns Online

Clanns Online – A Sense of Shared Identity

In Scotland, groups of individuals that come together under the same family name, calling, or shared values call themselves collectively a ‘Clan’.

Clanns Online provides the base for groups sharing the same sense of ‘one-ness’ to share details about their activities, events and latest news.

We think of Clanns Online as the local corner shop where we used to see postcards detailing news, items for sale, lost cats, houses for rent, anything useful and relevant to the local area around the shop. That’s what we’re doing here. Giving each Clann a small platform to put their group on show to allow new members to find and join them.

Our sense of shared identity is in taking the work of getting an App together and providing a place where small groups can share their updates. We bring you all together so you can bring your members together.