The Mission

To hear where you are

First I listen to understand. not from where I think you are, but from where you believe you are and from there work out how we can both get you to where you want to go

There may be plenty of options and the online world can be minefield but with my experience I believe I can help you out, speak clearly so you understand and help you reach your goals

A Short History

I started out in my bedroom programming ZX81’s from magazine listings and haven’t really looked back.  I was fortunate to be one of six students on the very first joint Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (AI & CS) degree course at Edinburgh University and studying A.I. really made me look at the world differently.  Then when I met Julie Hanson and then John Scott, both exceptionally talented Yoga teachers and Leaders in their own right, it just felt like coming home.  To have the chance to work with inspirational people everyday can’t but rub off on you and I’ve learnt more from these two wonderful friends than I could ever have imagined.  I’ve put this all together in Crescent 21, the company I started in 2017 and I’m keen to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve amassed.  I might event give you some pointers on your Ashtanga practice too!

If you’ve a Yoga Business and want to get the best of your Website, Online Social Media Presence or Mobile Application then you’ve come to the right place!


Looking to find out more?

Meet the Team

Okay, it’s just me here.  I was employed at a huge American multi-national for over 20+ years and as with all good things, in 2017, that all came to an end.  But during the previous years I’ve seen it all!  The team I was working with was full of tremendously talented people and day-to-day it often felt like running for the Olympics.  And that helped me grow, and with the opportunities that working in a large Corporate environment presented, I’ve been in some extremely challenging technical situations, under a lot of intense pressure.  When you come through that, and link it with a decade long Ashtanga practice, I find I have a very unique perspective on Online and Mobile App Development

 So, in the meantime, while I grow the business from the ground up, I’ve set myself the goal of one day having a team of fine people much like what you can see below.  The images are there to remind me to excel but to get there I need to do my best work to help clients like you get where they want to go